Be up to date on the way UMCL Youth is doing ministry during the Pandemic!

Youth Gathering Update!

These are the revised guidelines we are using for our small group gatherings. We are still offering online gatherings as an option.

Gathering guidelines:

  • Students will have to wear masks while indoors regardless of vaccination status due to state guidelines.
  • If students have been outside of the country, been sick, in contact with somebody who tested positive for Covid-19 and is not vaccinated, please refrain from attending any youth gatherings until the appropriate time of self-quarantine has been completed.
  • If a student or somebody in the household were to test positive after a youth gathering, please contact the Youth Pastor, so we can initiate contact tracing- The identity will be kept private unless authorized otherwise.
  • We will have sanitizing stations at every gathering.
  • When indoor space is used for a gathering, the rooms will be sanitized if more than one meeting was held in less than 24 hours.
  • Students will have to have a Consent Form signed by a Parent/Guarding.