Our Growth Group's main goal is to equip young people to own their faith and be more like Jesus!

Growth Groups will resume in the new school year.

Why Growth Groups?

Faith is an essential part of every Christian, and during the tween and teen years, young people start asking the hard questions about life and meaning and as Christians, we believe the answer to the biggest questions of life is found in Jesus. That's why we want to help students own their faith and put it into practice, so it becomes personal and relevant through their life-formation and decision-making in the future!

All the studies are interactive and specifically targeted to the age group. We know how hard it can it be for students to read the Bible. That's why we walk alongside students presenting a great interactive curriculum with videos and different components that will help students see how the Bible is so relevant to their lives.

When do they meet?

The groups will meet on Sunday mornings from 10:45 am to 11:45 am at our Church.

Who are this groups for? And what kind of things will they be discussing?

These groups are for any students from 6-12 grade that want to grow in their faith, learn more about the Bible, how to read it, and for anybody who is interested in learning more about life's meaning and purpose in general. We encourage students to join us if they are willing to grow, explore and learn more about our Christian faith.

Is there going to be any Sunday School classes for the youth during the main Service?

Great question! This year we are testing a different model. These groups will replace the Sunday School hour for teens this year and then we will assess the results.

One of the main reasons is so students and teachers have an opportunity to attend the main service and get involved in serving as well (which is one of the goals of our ministry this year)

With the old model, students went through Middle School and High School never attending the main service or participating in other opportunities during those times, and if they did, they didn't have the opportunity to be part of a Bible Study type group.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting Gonzo: